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Thai Massage

Adding Thai Massage to your treatment menu opens up new clientele demographics and increases treatment time°™expanding your earning potential. The techniques of Thai Massage focus on the efficient use of body mechanics, body weight, and gravity, combined with rhythmic stretching and work along the body's energy meridians. Thai Massage is an energizing bodywork, restoring balance and function to the client, as well as deep relaxation. No oils are used in traditional Thai Massage and the work is done fully clothed.

Thai Tok Sen Massage Intro

Thailand remains famous for the art of Tok-Sen Therapy, one of many forms of Thai massage that utilizes sen, or lines of energy, throughout the body to promote overall wellness. This ancient healing practice originated in Thailand, and dates back to thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, texts pertaining to the history of Tok-Sen therapy are non-existent. The ancient practices of Thai medicine were often passed down by oral instruction and live demonstrations instead of learned from a book. Few individuals recorded the art of Tok-Sen therapy, and many documents were destroyed by either the elements or invasions that took place during the Burmese Wars. Records that did survive were inscribed in the Sala Mah Nuat, located in Bangkok.

Thai Herbal Ball Massage

Massages have a lot of benefits and that is why there are so many different types of them. While the general benefits of Thai herbal massage are much like those of any other massage, there are some specific benefits that can be attributed to the herbs used for making the herbal ball for the massage. As the herbal ball is heated before the massage, it helps radiate heat through the body of the person being massaged. Heat helps dilate the blood vessels in the body and that increases the amount of blood and oxygen circulating in the body. As more oxygen is made available to various organs, they become more efficient. Ginger is commonly used in the herbal massage, and it is an extremely beneficial herb for treating various digestive disorders as well as allergies. Ginger also has antibacterial qualities and is used to improve the quality of the skin and treat skin ailments or bacterial infections. Using this herbal press on and around the abdominal area can also help relieve you of various digestive disorders. Masseurs often also use lemongrass as well as kaffir lime in the herbal ball mix. Both these herbs are used largely because of their fragrant properties. Both lemongrass and kaffir lime are citrus-scented and are used for their immunity-boosting properties. For those who are suffering from common cold or flu, both lemongrass and kaffir lime can work wonders. . It also helps keep the skin looking fairer and younger.

How Ear Candles Work

Ear candles work by creating a suction that pulls free collected particles of wax.

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